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Trust in Our Results

Over time, by conducting thousands of inspections for homeowners, renters, property management companies, boat owners, law enforcement, commercial, medical facilities, churches and nonprofit organizations, we have built a reputation for superior customer service. We have become known by our client base and the reports we have provided. Those relationships are founded on a genuine interest in solving our client’s problems.

Trust in Our Team

Our highly-trained professionals are among the most experienced and seasoned inspectors and assessors in the industry. You cannot find a more qualified team anywhere else. Selecting StoneCrest Team as a member of your team and to help solve your issue is a significant vote of confidence. We’d be pleased to apply our experience, solutions, and results on your behalf and to gain your trust.

Trust in Our Integrity

We have a no conflict of interest policy and do not offer or conduct any repairs, remediation or have any affiliate or separate company. To avoid any conflict of interests, it is not only important that your mold assessor is independent and separate from a mold remediation or restoration, it is also Florida Law. We offer impartial reports and laboratory results and you can be assured it is kept confidential. If requested and needed, we can provide vetted remediation companies for consideration, medical referrals if you or your family are suffering from health issues, and even legal referrals if your situation gets to that point. 

People Choose StoneCrest for a Reason. Learn Why!

Central Floridas most trusted mold, environmental and thermography company.

Simply put, we understand your concerns. That claim is based on many years of experience with helping thousands of customers just like you.


Close collaboration with health medical professionals, allergy, and asthma doctors, as well as service providers, such as restoration companies, insurance companies including attorneys and public adjusters, has given us valuable expertise that readily translates into another key area of trust – we know what is required and can help you.  


At StoneCrest Team, we believe every client is part of our team. We strive to provide the best inspections by having lab analysis and testing done only by accredited laboratories, where the latest diagnostic and testing tools and strategies are used by providing industry-leading first-class reports for mold, environmental and thermography. Our entire team, from our inspectors to our office staff are committed, focused and driven to provide you with the best inspection service.




Our Team is Fully Licensed & Insured

Florida State not only requires by law that mold assessors are licensed, we have very stringent requirements for staff licensing and certification for testing and inspections. 

Such requirements ensure that all our residential and commercial clients are receiving thorough service that completely addresses their concerns.

Our comprehensive, professional services far surpass other companies with experience, training, and due diligence. 

The licenses, degrees, credentials, certifications, special training, and other education combined with numerous years of experience make StoneCrest Team one of the most unique service organizations in Florida.

Members of

National Organizations

Beyond individual staff, our firm has established numerous standards based on the guide-lines of governmental and educational entities, such as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). To ensure full transparency and accountability we have also become fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Mission Statement

& Core Values

Stonecrest Team seeks to honor God by impacting the lives of our employees, partners, customers and our community.


We believe that we are here and that this business exists for the purpose of impacting people for eternity. We work hard to provide the best value and service to our customers, to honor and to conduct all inspections with honesty and integrity and to walk (and inspect 😊) in love and grace.


At StoneCrest Team we strive to make sure all we do in and through the business honors Him.


This is why we chose to proudly use and promote Romans 12:17 as our business motto:

Do Things In Such A Way That Everyone Can See You Are Honorable.








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Just as our nation has been blessed for our bold proclamations and faith in God, we believe that operating StoneCrest Team with these core Christian values will ensure the best service and integrity for our clients.

We are privileged to serve,

StoneCrest Team

Ministries We Approve

& Support

We work with charities and organizations we believe in so we can help make a genuine impact in both our community and internationally.

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